• Castle of Marvão

    Castle of Marvão, Rua do Castelo, Marvão, Portugal .

    The Castle of Marvão (Portuguese: Castelo de Marvão) is a well-preserved medieval castle located in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Marvão, in the municipality of Marvão, Portuguese district of Portalegre.

  • Roman villa of Ammaia

    Roman City of Ammaia, Estrada da Calçadinha, São Salvador da Aramenha, Portugal .

    The Roman ruins of Ammaia are located in Portugal within the Nature Park of the Serra de São Mamede, a mountainous expanse of forest in the civil parish of São Salvador da Aramenha, municipality of Marvão, along the border with Spain.

  • Castle of Portalegre

    Castle of Portalegre, Rua Luís Barahona, Portalegre, Portugal .

    The Castle of Portalegre (Portuguese: Castelo de Portalegre) is a Portuguese medieval castle in the civil parish of Sé e São Lourenço, municipality of Portalegre, district of Portalegre.

    It stands out over the older part of the town because of its imposing location over a higher area and because of the contrast between its dark walls and the prevailing whitewashed houses. It served chiefly as a defence of the frontier zone in front of Castile.